This week’s Sermons 4 Kids lesson is about running the race, persevering against obstacles and keeping our eyes on Jesus.

From this week’s sermon, I learned about the very touching and inspiring story of Olympic runner Derek Redmond and his loving father Jim.  Derek’s perseverance in finishing his race despite the pain and Jim’s determination to help his son accomplish his goal are shining examples of love and what it can do.  (video of Derek Redmond)

My kids ran their own race – a home-made Bible verse race.  I made a print-out puzzle of Hebrews 12:1, part of the verse for this week’s sermon. Since my 5-year-old son can’t yet read the full verse, I wrote numbers to aid him in sequencing the verse.  I put the 2 sets of scrambled verse parts on a whiteboard placed on one side of the room.

Hebrews 12:1 -scrambled

The kids then take the parts of the Bible verse, one by one,  to another whiteboard across the room and arrange them in correct order.  First one to finish completing the verse on the board and in correct order wins (and gets a medal won last year at a kids run).  They enjoyed racing each other so they did it twice :)

Rafa's finished verse

Kylie's finished verse