Every Wednesday at 3:30-4:00pm, my son joins some other children for a free English storytelling session for 4-6 year olds at

Storytelling @ Cheng San Library, Hougang

Cheng San Public Library (#03-11, Hougang Mall).  Sometimes there are only 5 kids, and other times, especially during school holidays, there could be as much as 20 or more kids.

My son loves going to these storytelling sessions conducted by the library staff.  He especially enjoys the ones conducted by Mdm Azizah.  She’s a very warm and animated storyteller.  She welcomes all kids to join (even much older kids sometimes sit in), even latecomers.  She gets the kids so engaged in the stories by asking them questions about the stories.  She plays games and sings songs with the kids.  Sometimes, she even gives them small prizes, like stickers for example) at the end of the session.

With storyteller Mdm Azizah

She’s also very fair with the kids.  Just last Wednesday, when the storytelling session ended, some of the kids were “fighting” to borrow the 3 books she had chosen to read that day.  To give all the kids a chance to read the books, she asked the kids and their parents/guardians to take turns reading the books within the library premises on that day.  Since we didn’t have time then to linger at the library, she offered to lend my son the storybook about the crocodile next Wednesday when we come back for another storytelling session.

I’m so thankful for these free, fun storytelling sessions at Cheng San Public Library, and for Mdm Azizah :)