Mid-Autumn Festival Lanterns along Singapore River

Together with a few friends, my kids and I went to Clarke Quay last night to see the lantern light-up for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival.  There were 5 beautiful floating lantern displays depicting scenes from what seemed like Chinese stories.  Unfortunately for me, I had no idea what stories these were or what the lanterns were about.  No English signs.

The kids’ favorites were the lanterns of the Chinese zodiac animals.  The kids had fun looking for their respective zodiac animals.  At the front of each lantern was a sign for its corresponding zodiac predictions for 2010, which were, unfortunately for us, all written in Chinese.  I hope that in the future, the organizers include English translations for non-Chinese readers like myself.

Against the evening backdrop of the Clarke Quay area, the lantern light-up was beautiful and it really lent a joyful flavor to the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration.  I hope that in the future celebrations, the organizers include English (and maybe other major Singapore languages too) in their signs to help non-Chinese readers understand and better appreciate their efforts.

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