Free Printable Certificates.

Since we finished our Singapore Tales unit study, I’ve been searching for a nice way to “conclude” it (we don’t really stop learning about something just because we’ve finished the unit study, right?) and to also acknowledge my kids’ efforts.

They’ve done their lapbooks and notebooks. They did very well in our very own Singapore Tales quiz bee.

Why not give them a certificate of completion for the unit?  Something nice to display or include in their unit notebooks, as a record of their efforts.

I surfed the net and found many websites offering free or paid printable certificates.  I chose for 3 reasons:  1)  it’s free, 2) it’s customizable, and 3) it has many colorful and child-friendly templates to choose from.

Aside from their cool certificate templates, also has printable matching incentive sheets/sticker charts.  I’m trying them out now to help encourage my son in doing things more independently (e.g. brushing his teeth, changing his clothes, putting his things away).

I’m so glad I found :)