Yesterday, my kids and I saw the opening show of The Arabian Nights, a musical by i Theatre Ltd, staged in Lasalle College of the Arts.  On the show’s brochure, it said that it was “A full-scale musical for the whole family!” and “recommended for anyone 5 to 95 years old.”

If you are 5 years old or older and if you enjoy musicals and folk tales, then I would recommend that you go and see i Theatre’s Arabian Nights :)

A rather morbid and violent premise of a Sultan who wants to have his new bride executed and her only reprieve is through good storytelling (as told in the original stories of One Thousand and One Nights), something that I imagine is incomprehensible to young children, was turned into colorful, fun and funny stories that kept us entertained. Although there were parts where characters were stabbed or rolled off cliffs, for example, there was little emphasis on the killings, which were done in a rather light-hearted manner.  There was plenty of humor throughout the show to keep it fun and entertaining.  Among several, the popular stories of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Aladdin were shown. At the end, the show also manages to convey a moral about trust and judgment.

We enjoyed seeing this musical.  It’s a good way for a family, especially for those with young kids and for those who like theater, to spend their 90 minutes and their dollars.  (Tickets are reasonably priced too.)

The Arabian Nights is on until 12 December 2010.