One beautiful afternoon during our recent family holiday in California, my husband and I were happily walking around downtown San Francisco. We were slowly making our way from the gorgeous Ferry Building to Union Square.

After husband got his cheese at Cowgirl Creamery and I got my chocolates from See’s Candy, we headed to indie bookstore Alexander Book Co. Husband saw some good book titles he hasn’t seen anywhere else and I picked up a cool California trivia book for a steal.

Outside the bookstore, we stopped to look at our map, get our bearings and figure out where to go next. While my husband and I were talking, a very nice couple (who I assume were San Francisco locals) approached us to offer their help. They asked if we were looking for a particular place. Unfortunately, they didn’t know where the Cartoon Art Museum was (the man remarked that that probably wasn’t a good sign :) ). Still, they offered to help us find any other place and even suggested that we might want to visit Chinatown – which is probably a typical tourist must-see. Since we live in Singapore where most places are “Chinatown,” we said we’d rather visit a good local coffee shop. They did recommend Blue Bottle Coffee but we missed it at the Ferry Building and they didn’t know any other nearby location. They advised us to walk along Sutter and Pine Streets and around Chinatown, saying we may find some small cafes there. We bid each other goodbye and went our ways.

Of my many brief but precious memories of San Francisco, that very kind and helpful couple who took time out to stop and offer us help is one of my favorites. People in San Francisco seemed so nice and relaxed. I’m guessing that people fall in love with San Francisco because of the beauty of the place and the warmth of its people. I know I have :)