A Good Cry and a Nice Song

Unconditional Love......A few nights ago, my son and I were heading home from the village park.  He said to me, “Mom, you know what I like to do after a good cry, I sing a nice song.”

Earlier that afternoon, he and his friends were playing stick fighting. His opponent accidentally hit his hand hard.  I calmly approached to check on him. I saw the small scratch on his hand and the quiet tears in his eyes. Still, he graciously accepted his friend’s apology then we called it a day.

On our way home, I was preoccupied with our dog who’s not exactly easy on a leash.  I didn’t realize that while he was riding his bike beside me, my son was softly singing to himself. Then he stopped and told me why he was singing and nonchalantly admitted that he had had a good cry.

His words may seem like a small thing, yet they held so much meaning for me. My son was telling me that with the power of music, he has found a way to soothe himself. Inadvertently, he showed me his simple wisdom, and gave me a precious reminder for anyone who is hurt, in a big way or small: Have a good cry, then pick yourself up and go on.

photo by: Fountain_Head

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