Dear Matty,

Today we went to Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. Since we only had one day, we picked a few must-rides and figured that anything extra was a bonus.

We all enjoyed the shooting rides, Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster. Papa and K’s favorite was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (of course, R and I stayed away from any scary rides!).

Since it wasn’t around yet when we first came in 2011, we’re glad that this time we were able to go to Cars Land, which looked just like Radiator Springs! So cool!

My favorite part of today was another new one. In Innoventions, they featured Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Even though we had to queue for about 45 minutes, we were pleasantly surprised to end up meeting Thor in the throne room of Asgard! He was pretty cool too, inviting one kid from the audience to join him and to pick up Mjölnir, and asking everyone their names and letting everyone have photos taken with him.

Like our first visit in 2011, it was still quite crowded. We did spent a lot of time queuing up and ended the day with sore legs and feet. Still, Disneyland had its magical moments :)

Love, Mommy