Castles, Cannons and Minecraft Homeschool


It’s Monday, and we’re back with Minecraft Homeschool! After skipping a term because of our recent family holiday, my son is back with Minecraft Homeschool and he and I are excited!

For this 5-week term, he joins the Castles and Cannons Lite class. For week 1, my son has already done his out-of-game work: watch a short online video and read an article about medieval peasant life, then answer a quiz. I was more than happy to watch and read along so I can also learn about the life of medieval peasants 🙂

Today, my son started working on his individual build assignment – a peasant cruck house. He has made the structure with wood blocks and hay blocks, and plans to work on the interior and furnishings tomorrow.

It may be because I’m a parent of a player and also because I don’t play the game, I am still so impressed with how these children can imagine and build such beautifully planned and detailed worlds in Minecraft. I am also very glad that Minecraft Homeschool continues to give my son a way to learn and enjoy.

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