Jeremy #Lin is nice! #linsanity #lincredible

Over dinner last night and seemingly out of the blue, our son asked his dad what his dream was. My husband and I were both surprised, and he had to take a moment from eating to give a proper answer.  Soon enough, we were taking turns talking about our dreams.  My husband said his dream was to travel to Istanbul.  Our teenage daughter said hers was to be able to access more than ten percent of her brain (she explained that she had just seen the trailer of Lucy, an upcoming movie about a woman, played by Scarlett Johansson, who inadvertently becomes highly evolved and is able to access 100% of her brain’s functions). I said my dream (one of many) was to travel to Europe. Our son said his dream was to be a basketball player.

I was quite surprised at his answer because previously, he would always say that he wants to be a gamer. Then, I realized that his new dream and his renewed interest in playing basketball in the park with his friends is all part of his Linsanity. We first saw the Linsanity movie a few weeks ago while staying with a friend in Washington during our recent holiday. We all liked the movie, but it was my son who kept asking to watch it again and again. He would keep asking about Jeremy Lin’s current performance with the Houston Rockets, if he is still doing well now, if there is still Linsanity.

My son is now a Jeremy Lin fan, and he wants Linsanity to continue.  He wants Jeremy Lin to keep living his dream of being a good basketball player in the NBA. I think Jeremy has become somewhat of a hero or role model to my son.  His story is an inspiration – a true story of how someone can rise above challenges and setbacks through hard work and faith and with the support of family. If Jeremy Lin can dream big and achieve his dream, my son believes that he too can dream big and make it come true.  Because of these gifts of dreaming and believing, I am there with my son in our own little version of Linsanity.


photo by: Jay Santiago