Happy Earth Day, Big Blue Marble!It’s just minutes after Earth Day (April 22).  And I’ve just recently learned of Earth Week, which is a great idea since it gives us more time to think and talk about the many environmental problems around us and how we can help tackle them.

Over the last few years, my family has developed some habits with the intention of being more eco-friendly. We bring our own reusable bags for use when shopping. We’ve learned the habit of bringing our own reusable water bottles when going out so we avoid or minimize buying plastic water bottles. We turn off electrical outlets and appliances when not in use (avoiding standby mode). We use rechargeable batteries. As much as possible, we try to buy and use eco-friendly products.

Are these habits enough? After seeing the devastating effects of climate change and global warming, especially since I was here in the Philippines in November 2013 when Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) destroyed many lives and much land in the Visayas, I think not.

There must be more, much more that my family and I can do to help prevent to help prevent future environmental disasters and contribute in making our world safer, cleaner and healthier. We are small, we are just one family, but we hope that together with other small individuals, families and groups, we can make a difference.