Adopting a New Dog and a New Love

Today is the first anniversary of the day we welcomed dear Matty (aka Matylda) into our home and into our family.  She is the second rescued dog that we had adopted from Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Welfare Philippines.

Matty on the bedRight after we lost Vina, our first adopted rescue and first family pet, our family started feeling the huge void in our home. I kept telling myself that I still had to grieve and that I wasn’t ready to take in another dog. However, after having experienced the love and joy that comes with having a dog in my life, I just couldn’t bear to be without it.  The rest of our family felt the same way, and soon we decided that it was time to search for a new pet.

We saw Matty in CARA Welfare’s website. I contacted Rebecca, a CARA Welfare Philippines volunteer and the kind lady who had rescued Matylda and had been fostering her for more than a year. We went to Rebecca’s house to meet Matylda for the first time.  Amidst several dogs there, rescues up for adoption and Rebecca’s own pets, Matylda took to us pretty well. I think what hooked us was how she would hug our legs (she still does that now), as if asking to come with us or asking us to stay.  She was sweet and playful without being hyperactive. We had found our new dog.

In April 28, 2013, Rebecca and veterinarian Dr. Mace Licuanan brought Matylda to our house. She didn’t have any objections to our house; she happily sniffed around and explored. Rebecca, Dr. Mace and I talked about Matylda’s history and tips on how to care for her.  Soon, it was time for them to leave.

Matty by the doorFor the first hour or so, Matty (our family had decided to nickname her Matty) just stayed by the door, waiting for Rebecca to come back for her.  As we were advised, we didn’t approach her.  We just let her be and patiently waited for her to approach us.  After some time, she drank water from her bowl and started walking around the living room.  Eventually, she approached us and allowed us to pet her and to become her family.

It’s been a year and we are so blessed to have Matty in our family.  We are also grateful to CARA Welfare Philippines and to Rebecca because through them, we are able to give a rescued pet a home. To celebrate this first anniversary, Matty is donating to CARA Welfare Philippines, to give back and to help in giving other rescued pets a second chance.

If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, consider adopting a rescue. You give him a loving home; he gives you joy and unconditional love like no other.  Win-win situation 🙂




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