girls playing footballTomorrow will be my daughter’s first football tournament for summer 2014. It will also be her first tournament since she had her left distal radius fracture last January. Her cast was removed in February, but she was able to go back to training only four weeks ago.  She was really excited to get back in shape and to start playing football again.

When she went back into training, I did expect the coaches to not want her to play goalkeeper again. Naturally, they would be worried that she might get injured again. My daughter said she was fine, and she did play goalkeeper a few times during training sessions.  This summer though, there were more girls in training, including a few more experienced goalkeepers.  This gave my daughter more chances to be a field player.

I asked her if she was going to be goalkeeper during tomorrow’s tournament. She replied, “I don’t want to be goalkeeper now.  I’m afraid to block the ball. I’m afraid to get injured again.”


Till yesterday, I was ready to spend this coming Sunday at my daughter’s upcoming football tournament. I had prepared my mental checklist: water, sports drinks, snacks, sunblock, hat,umbrella, folding chair and Kindle. Early this morning, I came down with a bad case of stomach flu. Suddenly, I’m faced with the big possibility of not being able to go to my daughter’s football tournament. And I hate it. I hate that I couldn’t walk our dog this afternoon.  I couldn’t drive my kids to their play dates. I hate not being able to do my motherly duties.


Getting injured or falling sick can happen to anyone, to any athlete, to any mother. Healing, whether physical or mental, takes time. We must remember that it’s okay to be afraid and to need a break. Whether a young teenager or a middle-aged mother, it’s okay to not be invincible.