I received this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband today. And we had a somewhat fancy dinner in a romantic out-of-town restaurant last night.

My husband and I are so blessed to be able to have weekly date nights. We’ve always had trustworthy help to leave the kids with when we go out for some husband-and-wife quality time. We are also fortunate to have the means to give each other thoughtful gifts.

Like many others, we are so engrossed in being parents. I think it’s the best “job” in the world, but we shouldn’t neglect other relationships because of it. Thankfully, my husband and I agree that we also have to give time and effort into continuously nurturing our marriage. We understand our needs and limitations and we try our best to strike a balance. We are committed to loving each other forever, just as we are committed to our children.

A dear friend once told me that she sees me as a quintessential mom. Much of my daily time and efforts are centered around my children. But I am also a dedicated wife. And a very happy and contented one, thanks to blessings such as date nights and flowers from my husband.