Music, Perks and Football at Havaianas Cup

Last Sunday, my daughter played in the Havaianas Football Cup, held in Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa City.

Havaianas BoothsThankfully, unlike during the earlier tournaments this summer, the heat last Sunday wasn’t too bad. The atmosphere was fun 🙂 Drummers played some fun beats during the opening ceremony. And throughout the day, beach or reggae music was blasting through the speakers. (I saw at least one footballer who couldn’t resist dancing to the beat!) Havaianas had caricature and face paint booths, game booths, and of course, a booth for selling their flip-flops.

My daughter was pretty happy with the little perks of this tournament.  From the sponsor, and along with the other players in the tournament, she received a bobble water bottle, a Gatorade drink and a Havaianas-branded twist fan. All for simply participating in the tournament.

Havaianas Football Cup 2014At the end of the day, having fun while playing football and winning third place in her team’s category were reward enough. Of course, the little perks did help make the event more memorable for my daughter. (Her only regret is not getting one of those adorable neon flip-floats – huge inflatable Havaianas-branded flip-flops!)

Fun way to end the summer football season for us 🙂


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