One of my all-time favorite non-fiction books is “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. It’s based on his lecture entitled “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” that he gave in Carnegie Mellon University on September 18, 2007.

His book and his lecture are so inspiring (and entertaining too!). Even though he was already diagnosed with a terminal case of pancreatic cancer when he gave this lecture and wrote this book, he shared his message with so much joy and enthusiasm. He talked about achieving his childhood dreams, about not letting obstacles stop you, and about making the most of every moment.

But my favorite part of his message is when he talked about enabling the dreams of others, how that is even more fun that achieving your own dreams. This is one of my dreams – to enable the dreams of others. And first and foremost, I want to enable the dreams of my children.

By homeschooling my kids, by being a hands-on parent, by helping them know themselves better and encouraging them to dream big, I hope that I am enabling them to really achieve their dreams. If I can be a dream enabler on a bigger scale, if I can realize a way to reach out to more people, children and adults, and help them find and achieve their dreams, that would be the best legacy I can ever hope to leave behind.