Inspire Monday: We Will Cycle Around the Globe

P2790020After almost two years, today I was on my bike again. I took it out of storage, inflated the tires, and wiped away most of the dust. It was time to test my bike and my legs, to see how many kilometers I can add to the Cycle Around the Globe initiative on September 10.

I am joining this cycling event that is part of the World Suicide Prevention Day campaign on September 10 because I want to help spread awareness for suicide prevention. I am moved on a very personal level because September 10 is also the death anniversary of a dear friend of mine who committed suicide.

Today, nine days before the Cycle Around the Globe event, I am also inspired by friends and strangers who also plan to cycle for suicide prevention. Perhaps some of them are avid cyclists, with sleek marathon bikes and pledges of tens of kilometers or miles to cycle. Some are probably recreational cyclists who take their easy riders around the park a few times a week.  Others might be more like me, taking out their long-forgotten bikes and slowly pushing their bodies, their legs again after what feels like ages.

I was able to cycle only 2.5 kilometers today. But I will keep cycling, keep practicing a little bit more in the coming days. And on September 10, whatever distance I am ultimately able to cycle, I am doing it in solidarity with these friends and strangers with whom I share the same cause, the same passion for advocating suicide awareness and prevention.

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