The GladeOur family enjoyed watching The Maze Runner movie two weeks ago. I personally enjoyed it enough to start reading The Maze Runner book, the first of the trilogy, because I want to move onto the second and third books.  I’d rather not have to wait for any succeeding movies to find out what will happen next  in the story.

My 9-year-old son also really enjoyed the movie. He told me several times that the movie was so cool and the story was really interesting.

A few days ago, I came up with the idea of building our own Maze and Glade using Keva Planks and Lego bricks. Thankfully, my son and my husband were happy to work on this little family project (my teenage daughter enjoyed the movie too, but passed on the project).

Thomas and Minho fighting a GrieverWe started building the maze on the floor in our bedroom (to have enough space and to keep our creation safe from the dogs) a few nights ago.  With the easy-to-use Keva Planks, our Maze was done in about an hour. On the next night, my son and I started building the parts of the Glade with Lego bricks. Since using Lego to make the Glade required more planning and detail, we took more time than expected. I suggested to my son that we take our time and build it over several days, adding details little by little.  It took us about a total of three to four hours, spread over three days, to put in the sections of the Glade: the Box, the Homestead, the Gardens, the Bloodhouse and the Deadheads. For the final touch, we added Thomas and Minho fighting a Griever in the maze, Teresa on top of the look-out tower, Gally in front of the Homestead, and Alby, Newt and Chuck somewhere near the Box.

Yesterday, we finally finished building The Maze and The Glade! My son and I were so happy and so satisfied with our home-made version of The Maze Runner. What made me even happier was hearing him tell me afterwards: “Mom, I’m happy that we took our time building it. Because when we take our time to build, it comes out nice.”

The Maze and The Glade top view (Keva Planks and Lego)Maze Runner with Keva Planks & Lego