Inktober Day 1 Namaste

I stumbled upon the InkTober drawing challenge a few days ago. I’ve decided to give it a go even though I call myself a non-artist (I don’t know how to draw!). Thankfully, Mr. Jake Parker has explicitly given me permission (since I asked him on Twitter) to join in and he even gave me a short note of encouragement: “It’s the perfect way to get better.”

Here it is! Today’s InkTober drawing is something I would call abstract. It is inspired by Erin Motz’s 2014 Official Yoga Challenge, Week 1, Day 1 practice. On this first day of October, not only did I start my InkTober challenge, but I also finally started with this new yoga challenge.  I was quite surprised, and eventually a bit envious, that Erin was doing her yoga practice on the beach! It was such a lovely, peaceful setting for yoga.

For this drawing, I used Kurekate ZIG Drawing Pen 0.1 in black and Akashiya Fude Sai Japanese Traditional Colors Brush Pens.

I decided to take on this InkTober drawing challenge not because I want to become a good artist but because it sounds like a lot of fun. I like my pens and this gives me the push to keep using them everyday for 31 days! And although I don’t draw well, I am a fan of beautiful, unique and expressive drawings. With InkTober, I get to see many beautiful and interesting ink drawings everyday, I get to use my precious pens everyday, and perhaps somewhere along the way I will learn to draw better.