InkTober Day 7: Matryoshka Dogs

Matryoshka Dog 2Matryoshka Dog 1

I’ve made several attempts to draw Matty, our beloved Schnauzer-mix-looking dog. These are my fourth and fifth attempts, and I want her to be part of my InkTober drawings before I decide to move on from animals.  While I found it fairly easy to draw a penguin and an owl as matryoshka dolls, I struggled so much with a dog. I’m sure part of it is my lack of drawing expertise, but I’m guessing part of it maybe because the shape of birds is closer to that of the matryoshka doll so it seemed a more natural fit. The silhouette of dogs, or perhaps any creature on fours, is very different from that of the matryoshka doll.

These are drawn with Kuretake ZIG Drawing Pen and Akashiya Fude Sai Japanese Traditional Colors Brush Pens.

P.S. Sorry, Matty.  These drawings don’t do you any justice 😉  You are definitely more beautiful.

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