Thalia's Pine Tree (Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters)


Today’s InkTober drawing is another sort of crosspost. Inspired by my daily haiku using’s Word of the Day,  juvenescentI chose a subject that helps keep me thinking and feeling young – young adult fiction. I love reading young adult fiction. These stories are just pure fun and entertainment and are such a pleasure to read!

Since I’ve finally started reading Rick Riordan‘s latest book, The Heroes of Olympus Book 5: The Blood of Olympus, I’m keeping with the Percy Jackson theme I started yesterday. Today, I drew Thalia’s Pine Tree which is a major part of the story in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.

My Word of the Day haiku for today (as posted on

Such pure excitement                                                                                                                                                                          Getting lost in the story                                                                                                                                                              Juvenescent thrill