Craft materials for Christmas CalendarIt’s December 1! Have to stop procrastinating on my holiday preparations. Today, I started by making sure that we finally made our Christmas countdown calendars. With our DIY calendars, we won’t be getting any sweets or treats. Instead, everyday from December 1st to the 25th, we will write something that we are thankful for. Ours are Christmas calendars of thanksgiving.

We used old desk calendar sheets, star-shaped Post-its, stickers, rubber stamps and markers to make our Christmas calendars, and re-usable adhesive tack to put them up on the wall.

I’m hoping that this daily exercise in thankfulness will reinforce an attitude of gratitude in our family, and what better time to remember to be thankful than this end-of-year season, a season of celebrating our blessings with family and friends.

Christmas Calendar of ThanksgivingOn this day, December 1, I am thankful that my family has been and is together. My son is thankful for his friends. My daughter is thankful that she isn’t injured and is fit to play football. When my husband comes back from his business trip, maybe he’d also want to make his own Christmas calendar of thanksgiving.