Last week, the March Draw Kuretake challenge by Kuretake ZIG USA ended. After 4 weeks of silly, clumsy drawings, I am done with my artistic attempts. For now, anyway.

March Draw Kuretake Contest Calendar

Last October, I was so happy to have stumbled upon the InkTober drawing challenge started by artist Jake Parker. It was a drawing challenge for artists, but I jumped in anyway (I remember sending a tweet to Mr. Parker, asking for permission to join, and I was happy to have received his blessing)! I was sad when InkTober ended. When I learned about this March Draw Kuretake challenge, I was eager to pick up my pens and markers and try drawing again.

I’m neither a natural nor trained artist, but once in a while, I just want to get out of my comfort zone and draw for fun. Many times, without external motivation, I end up neglecting my beloved brush pens and drawing pens. Having a daily prompt of what to draw and making a commitment to myself and to these art challenge organizers keep me drawing.

My drawings are definitely an amateur’s work and cannot compete for any of the prizes in this drawing challenge by Kuretake ZIG USA. I don’t think I even qualify for winning any prize since I don’t live in the USA. Still, I joined this challenge for fun. And it was! It pays to get out of our comfort zones to let our hair down, have fun and get our creative juices flowing again. And who knows what hidden talents or eureka moments we may discover in the process?

Bonus in this 4-week endeavor? Getting acknowledged by the challenge organizer and a few other artists when they favorited and retweeted some of my drawings. Thank you for giving this writer and non-artist a nod for her efforts!

Through these online drawing challenges, I also learned to not be ashamed of my efforts (since I had to post them on social media ;) ). So here are a few of my drawings for this March Draw Kuretake challenge.