Hi!  I’m Lea Jusi.

I am blogging because writing is my tool and inspiring and empowering are my mission. I want to share my experiences and explorations in my passions: parenting and personal well-being, homeschooling and learning, traveling and caring for the world.

I write about my personal experiences and research.  When I write about other people’s stories, my posts are based on personal interviews, conducted face-to-face or via email. When requested for or deemed appropriate, I exclude my subjects’ last names and other personal details to protect their privacy.

I love to read, write, research and travel. I am a learning hippie (or a hippie learner), constantly seeking better ways to educate myself and my children, even if it means going against norms and expectations.  I am a devoted mother, trying my best to raise happy, healthy, and brave children who will be good stewards of our planet.

My family is from the Philippines.  We lived in Singapore for 7 years, and in 2012 we moved back to the Philippines.

I am a freelance writer.  My blog and my daily haiku project, keep me writing.  Like everything else in my life, this blog is a constant work in progress.

Photo credit to Rus Reciña.