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High School Writing and Psychology with 7 Sisters Homeschool

7sistershomeschool ebooks

A few months ago at the start of this school year, I found myself looking for materials for my daughter who is now a 10th grader and part-time homeschooler. (She takes some classes in a learning center a few days a week, and other lessons are learned at home.)  Since we don’t follow a boxed curriculum or set program, I am always on the lookout for good materials, new or old, that might work for our homeschooling needs. Besides, I enjoy researching about new education and homeschooling trends.

I stumbled upon 7 Sisters Homeschool. What caught my attention were the words “No busywork” and “E-book.” I don’t believe that busywork equals real learning, so yay to no busywork! And I like that with ebooks, we don’t need to pay and wait for shipping, especially that we live all the way in the Philippines and these ebooks are made in the USA.

I found some positive reviews online. I checked out the 7 Sisters Homeschool website for prices and samples of materials for psychology (my daughter spoke of her interest in it as an elective) and writing. Prices were reasonable, $7.99 for the Introductory Guide to High School Essay Writing (recommended to be accomplished in 5 weeks) and $29.99 for Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective. With this psychology course, they have recommendations on how to use it for a high school half credit or full credit, for normal or honors course.  Yay for flexibility and affordability!

My daughter and I looked at the sample pages and decided that they were worth a try. The language is simple and straightforward. The lessons are not too long and can be done independently or one-on-one (and in groups if preferred). For psychology, the topics are basic yet interesting and the homework varies from asking the student to reflect and ponder to making clay models to writing movie reviews. For essay writing, the lessons on how to write are clearly and simply broken down step by step. Suggested rubrics for assessing the essays are included. I placed my orders, and within a minute I had the links to download my copies!  Easy.

It’s been more than a month and we are getting acquainted with the writing and psychology curricula of 7 Sisters Homeschool. We are trying it out and seeing how we can adjust it to fit my daughter’s learning style and objectives. We started out printing only the pages with questions to answer. After the first few lessons, my daughter told me that she would rather read the lessons on printed pages. I wasn’t surprised since I know that she is a tactile-kinesthetic type of learner. She prefers printed books over ebooks. She likes to draw, paint and do hand lettering. She likes the feel of paper. If she can understand and retain the lessons better with printed paper (and a nice binder, as she requested), so be it. Good thing the ebooks of 7 Sisters Homeschool aren’t thousands of pages long!

Here’s keeping our fingers crossed that the curricula of 7 Sisters Homeschool works for us!