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Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014

Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014Yesterday, 4 May 2014, was our second time to be at the Coca-Cola Football Festival in Alabang Country Club. In May 2013, my husband and I went for the first time to see our daughter play in her first football tournament.  It was that summer one year ago when she first tried football, one summer ago when she decided to join a friend who was training with Alabang Football School.

I can’t compare temperature readings, but I’d bet that the weather during this year’s tournament was much hotter than last year. Despite the punishing heat, everyone seemed excited for the tournament. With all twenty-two fields having simultaneous matches, thousands of children and adults playing hard and hundreds of parents and coaches cheering on, you need not be a football aficionado to know that this tournament is a pretty big deal.

The Coca-Cola Football Festival is usually the first tournament of the year for my daughter’s team, Makati Football Club Girls.  My daughter always looks forward to it because after months of training, she finally gets a chance to compete. Of course, she also really enjoys playing football with her friends. This year, thanks to having had more training and experience, she and her team not only get to play and have fun, but their efforts were rewarded too. They finished 2nd place in the Girls 14 category. (Last year, my daughter’s team finished 4th place.)

Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014The Coca-Cola Football Festival was a good way to start the summer tournaments.  Now, time to get ready for the next one 🙂