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My Great and Simple Birthday

So it’s my birthday today.

Like how most of my friends spend theirs, I am spending my birthday quietly and steadily. (Travel plans with my family are postponed, due to unavoidable circumstances. But hey, at least they aren’t cancelled.) I am driving my daughter to class. I am helping my son with his grammar and multiplication table lessons. I am having reheated spaghetti for lunch. I am thanking my friends for greeting me on Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp. I am cuddling with my not-so-friendly dog. I am writing articles as I wait during my daughter’s football training. I am doing a favorite 15-minute yoga routine at home. I am enjoying a delicious dinner out with my family. I am posting on my blog. I am writing my daily haiku. I am reading a book in bed before falling asleep.

Writing by the Football Field

Today, I am spending my birthday in a great and simple way. No need for parties or fancy celebrations.

I am writing. I am reading. I am eating. I am doing yoga. I am thanking my friends. I am loving my family.

On my birthday, I am grateful.

(P.S. Two daring and out-of-my-comfort-zone things I am doing today: wearing burgundy ballet flats and attempting to draw a hierogram.)