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Inspire Monday: Art and Autism with Stephen Wiltshire

How I wish I was there, among the crowd in Paragon on Orchard Road, Singapore, watching British architectural artist Stephen Wiltshire do his magic. On July 16 to 20, he made a panoramic drawing of the Singapore skyline on a four-meter by one-meter canvas. From the articles and videos posted online, I could see that his drawing was, as expected, spectacular. But wouldn’t it have been so much more special to see the artist at work?

I first heard about Stephen in 2013 when I saw this video on YouTube.

Since then, I’ve become a fan. His art is amazing. His talent is jaw-dropping. And his story is inspiring to us all, not just to families with autism. For those of us who can, let us enable others’ talents to shine and to help make our world better and more beautiful. For those of us who may be facing challenges, physical or otherwise, to pursuing our passions and dreams, we should listen to Stephen’s wise words. “Do the best you can, and never stop.”