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Sports Mom Lesson No. 6: Think Positive, Play Positive

Futbol Funatics' Summer Soccer Cup 2015Yesterday, my son participated in the 4th Futbol Funatics’ Belo SunExpert Summer Soccer Cup in Cuenca Field, Ayala Alabang Village, Muntinlupa City. This was his first time to join a football tournament, and in the days before, he was getting very nervous. He had started learning football only three and a half months ago, and he joined Futbol Funatics for the very first time just last April for their summer soccer camp.

Several times, he said that maybe he shouldn’t go to the tournament anymore. He was very worried that he wouldn’t do well, that the pressure from the other teams or from his own teammates might be too much, that his team would lose. He was comparing his football skills as a complete beginner to his basketball skills as a player who has been training for more than two years.  He was thinking about the many Coach E basketball tournaments he had joined, and of the times his basketball team had won as champion or 1st runner up. He believed in himself in basketball, but doubted himself in football. And he was so afraid to fail, so afraid to disappoint and be disappointed. He was already thinking of quitting football.

I reminded him of the first time he joined a basketball tournament, and how he also wasn’t sure of himself and of how things would turn out. I reminded him that, unlike in basketball where he has had a fair amount of training and experience, in football he is only starting to learn and he should give himself a break.

I asked him to try to simply enjoy playing the game, to enjoy the experience of his first football tournament. He replied, “Mom, maybe I should stop being negative and start thinking positive.” Yes!

So we did go to yesterday’s tournament. His team played four 15-minute games during the elimination round. In every game, he played defender for about five to seven minutes. His team made it to the finals, and won the gold!

After the tournament, he told me, “Mom, I’m a bit surprised that we won the championship. But I’m happy. And now I think I want to continue football.” And I saw the dark cloud of doubt slowly disappear, and the bright spark of positive thinking shine again.

Soccer Mom Lesson No. 3: Playing in the Rain Isn’t Bad for You


This afternoon, despite the pouring rain, Alabang Football School’s training went on as usual. Attendance was maybe sixty to seventy percent, but it was more than enough.

An hour into training, the field was already flooded. But the kids and the coaches stayed on the field, running, sliding, kicking. A few parents (myself included), nannies and drivers sheltered in the covered bleachers, preferring to stay dry while watching from a distance.

While watching the kids enjoy their training in the hard rain, I was suddenly struck by two realizations.

First, these footballers love playing in the rain, and it’s actually not bad for them. Getting soaked in the rain doesn’t equal getting sick (as long as you have a dry change of clothes and maybe some vitamin C soon after). My daughter and her friends always say that they love playing football in the rain, and doing exactly that hasn’t yet given my daughter a cold.

Second, I must think of myself so old that I’ve forgotten the joy of playing in the rain! There was a time in my youth when my father would suggest that he, my siblings and I play in the rain just outside our house. I even remember making paper boats and letting them drift down the gutter. Has motherhood erased my sense of child-like play?

My first instinct is always to avoid getting wet in the rain, especially with my kids. But in the case of football, I’ve learned that playing in the rain (sans lightning and thunder, of course) is fine. Just always be ready with towels, slippers and a dry change of clothes.

Music, Perks and Football at Havaianas Cup

Last Sunday, my daughter played in the Havaianas Football Cup, held in Alabang Country Club, Muntinlupa City.

Havaianas BoothsThankfully, unlike during the earlier tournaments this summer, the heat last Sunday wasn’t too bad. The atmosphere was fun 🙂 Drummers played some fun beats during the opening ceremony. And throughout the day, beach or reggae music was blasting through the speakers. (I saw at least one footballer who couldn’t resist dancing to the beat!) Havaianas had caricature and face paint booths, game booths, and of course, a booth for selling their flip-flops.

My daughter was pretty happy with the little perks of this tournament.  From the sponsor, and along with the other players in the tournament, she received a bobble water bottle, a Gatorade drink and a Havaianas-branded twist fan. All for simply participating in the tournament.

Havaianas Football Cup 2014At the end of the day, having fun while playing football and winning third place in her team’s category were reward enough. Of course, the little perks did help make the event more memorable for my daughter. (Her only regret is not getting one of those adorable neon flip-floats – huge inflatable Havaianas-branded flip-flops!)

Fun way to end the summer football season for us 🙂


Fun at the 2014 Alaska Summer Football Festival

Yesterday morning, my daughter and I were at the 2014 Alaska Summer Football Festival in Alabang Country Club.  This is the culminating event of the annual Alaska Summer Football Power Alaska Summer Football Festival 2014Camps by Makati Football Club and Alabang Football School.

This is my daughter’s second football tournament of the year. However, unlike the Coca-Cola Football Festival a few weeks ago, a more competitive event attended by thousands of children belonging to various football clubs and schools from all over the Philippines, this tournament is more scaled down. It is only for those who have attended this year’s Alaska Summer Football Camps in Makati Football School and Alabang Football School. At the end of the games, all participants are given certificates of attendance. Winners are given medals and trophies are given for special awards.

I was dreading the 36-37 degree Celsius weather yesterday (and for most of it, I was under the shade of a tent), but I saw that the kids were giving their all and having fun while playing football under the sun. This was what these young footballers were looking forward to all summer – a chance to play the game. And this time, I was happy just to see my daughter and her friends having fun during and in between games. After all, that is why she is playing football.

Of course, we were also happy and thankful for some bonuses at the end – rewards for hard work. My daughter and her team mates each brought home a medal for first place, and she also received a trophy for Most Valuable Player for her age group for this year’s summer camp.

Smiles, good memories, and a medal and trophy too. Not bad at all for a morning of football fun in the sun.


Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014

Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014Yesterday, 4 May 2014, was our second time to be at the Coca-Cola Football Festival in Alabang Country Club. In May 2013, my husband and I went for the first time to see our daughter play in her first football tournament.  It was that summer one year ago when she first tried football, one summer ago when she decided to join a friend who was training with Alabang Football School.

I can’t compare temperature readings, but I’d bet that the weather during this year’s tournament was much hotter than last year. Despite the punishing heat, everyone seemed excited for the tournament. With all twenty-two fields having simultaneous matches, thousands of children and adults playing hard and hundreds of parents and coaches cheering on, you need not be a football aficionado to know that this tournament is a pretty big deal.

The Coca-Cola Football Festival is usually the first tournament of the year for my daughter’s team, Makati Football Club Girls.  My daughter always looks forward to it because after months of training, she finally gets a chance to compete. Of course, she also really enjoys playing football with her friends. This year, thanks to having had more training and experience, she and her team not only get to play and have fun, but their efforts were rewarded too. They finished 2nd place in the Girls 14 category. (Last year, my daughter’s team finished 4th place.)

Coca-Cola Football Festival 2014The Coca-Cola Football Festival was a good way to start the summer tournaments.  Now, time to get ready for the next one 🙂