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Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir Park

Two weeks ago, my family, friends and I had a blast doing the tree top courses at Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir Park.

For my 6-year-old son, it was his first time doing the kids course. My earlier fears were allayed as he enjoyed taking on the course obstacles, even the trapeze walk and the zip line, without flinching or fidgeting. Of course, doing it with a few friends made it more fun 🙂 Good thing we were able to bring someone along to take his photos, since my husband, daughter and I were doing the adult course at the same time.

For my 11-year-old daughter, my husband and I, it was our first time doing the adult course. My daughter was excited to finally be able to move up after having done the kids course at least twice before. It wasn’t as easy as we initially thought it would be. All those rope ladders to climb and the pulleys and carabiners to keep putting on and taking off throughout the course made my right shoulder and upper arms quite sore the next day. As a group of 3 adults and 4 juniors (children below 18 years old), we had to move slow and steady, always making sure the juniors followed safety procedures.

Some tips before you go on the Forest Adventure adult course:
1. Be well hydrated. It can take 2-2.5 hours to finish, maybe a bit longer if you have several kids in your group. You can’t bring a water bottle with you during the course. If you have a companion who’s not doing the course, ask him to stay nearby with your water (and camera too, if you like).
2. Bring rain gear, just in case. We’ve been caught in the pouring rain once while at Forest Adventure, and it’s a 10-minute walk without cover (except for tree shade) to the nearest car park, road or bus stop. (Forest Adventure will give you a voucher if you can’t finish the course due to rain.)
3. Be ready to get sweaty and sandy. At the end of the zip lines (4 in total for adult course), you land on sand pits. The longer and higher the zip lines, the harder you will land. Also, it gets harder to control your landing. Even if I was trying to maneuver to land on my feet, I would end up crashing on my bum.
4. Although the minimum height requirement for the adults course is 1.4m, some of us who were just a bit taller than 1.4m found it difficult at some points to reach the ropes to attach our pulleys or carabiners. It would be better if you had someone at least 1.6m tall with you on the adult course to help you.
5. Bring your own food/snacks. No cafes, restaurants or kopitiam nearby. Just a vending machine with drinks and some tidbits.