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Life of Fred: Fractions

After several years of using various math textbooks from the Philippines and Singapore, textbooks that emphasize drills and rote learning (she hated having to memorize the multiplication tables), my daughter has developed a dislike and fear of math.  So much so that, when we started doing unit studies for our homeschooling, math ended up taking a back seat.

I know that she still needs to learn her math skills.  So I scoured the Internet for a more child-friendly yet affordable and effective homeschool math program.  Thankfully, I found Life of Fred 🙂

Although my 11-year-old daughter has learned about multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals before, I want her to try “unlearning” them first, learn about them again in a more pleasant and effective way.  So after a few weeks of refreshing her memory of the (dreaded) multiplication tables, she recently started on Life of Fred: Fractions.  She’s been working on it independently, doing one to two chapters a day.

I’m happy to know that even though she sometimes finds the questions in the book to be tricky, she eventually figures them out and mostly gets them right too.  And thanks to Fred, she seems to actually be enjoying math now 🙂  I think that is the best thing that Fred has given my daughter (and me).  Hopefully, this is only the beginning of a beautiful learning journey.

Life of Fred: Fractions