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Help Rianna Beat Cancer

Rianna is this towering 16-year-old package of talent and determination. Like her mom and some of her other family members, she is a passionate musician with a naturally melodic singing voice and able hands on the piano and guitar. She is an artist with a flair for drawing. Until recently, she had been a strong athlete and a fierce competitor in gymnastics.

Rianna is the eldest child and only daughter of a very dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for the last 29 years (note: we’ve been friends since we were very young; i.e. we’d like to think that we’re not that old!).  She is my goddaughter, and is perhaps the oldest friend and surely one of the closest friends of my daughter. (I have photos of them together as toddlers, but I won’t post them here so they will still talk to me.)

After going through six cycles of chemotherapy and radiation therapy last year, she is still battling Hodgkin Lymphoma (cancer of the lymph tissue). She needs high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant to give her the best possible chance of beating cancer.  These treatments, however, are very expensive. Her mom has set up a GoFundMe.com page to help raise funds.

GoFundMe Rianna

I’m appealing to anyone who would like to help Rianna beat cancer by donating to her medical fund. Please help us give her the best chance of overcoming this hurdle to her dreams of college, of music and art, of helping others through her gifts.