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Keeping Records for Your Homeschoolers

Since we made the move from a curriculum provider to making our own “curriculum,” I’ve stopped keeping formal academic records.  My kids make lapbooks, binder notebooks and art and craft projects.  So far, these have pretty much been their “records.”

Lately, I’ve been wondering if I need to keep more formal academic records.  And I’ve been reading up quite a lot about the many ways homeschooling parents keep academic records.

I’ve seen a good number of online/computer-based options for homeschool record keeping, free or paid:

1. Homeschool Tracker – looks user-friendly enough; offers free and paid versions

2. Edu-Track Home School – has an option for unit studies users, but not for Mac OS users 🙁

3. Homeschool Skedtrack – looks user-friendly, and it’s free 🙂

4. HomeLife Academy – Christian umbrella school; affordable fees and I like the idea that you can choose and use your own teaching materials and approach

I’ve created a poll in my blog’s home page (see right side) to try and get an idea if there are more homeschoolers who keep academic records than those who don’t, and how they keep records.  If you’re a homeschooling parent, please check out my poll and vote 🙂  Thanks!