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Entertained by Justin Ward

Justin Ward in Union Square, SFThere are many good musicians out there, but I am particularly impressed and inspired by buskers. When I see and hear a talented musician busking, working hard and sharing his passion with anyone who will listen, I can’t help but appreciate, cheer him on and hope that he gets the breaks he needs to succeed.

Last March, while I was on holiday in the United States with my family, I discovered the cool music of saxophone player Justin Ward. My daughter and I were standing outside Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco, waiting for my husband and son who went to grab some ice cream. A young man was right outside the entrance, his back to Union Square, playing music on a saxophone. He caught my attention as soon as I realized he was playing “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. (At that time, the song and the movie were at the height of popularity, especially with my nieces.)

Together with about a dozen or more people, I stood there and enjoyed the free entertainment. I asked my daughter to put some money in his instrument case and get a name card. And that’s how I learned that the name of this talented young musician was Justin Ward.

I checked out this YouTube channel and found his jazzy rendition of Zedd’s “Clarity.” How I wish I had heard him play this too.


Postcard #6: Books, Busker and Bocci in California


Dear Matty,

Today, we discovered three new things.

First, we finally found City Lights Books in San Francisco. Unlike Powell’s in Portland which was huge, this bookstore was cozy. They had many interesting books on local arts and culture. Not much for kids though so we decided not to stay too long.

Next, on our walk to the Powell BART station, we passed by Union Square. Outside the entrance of Macy’s facing Union Square, we saw and heard saxophone-playing busker Justin Ward. He first caught my attention when he was playing (Stevie Wonder?). Then Papa, K & R noticed him too when he started playing “Let It Go” from the Disney movie Frozen. By the end of the song, several passers by, including us, were clapping our hands in appreciation of his music.

To cap the day, we played bocci for the first time. My cousin and her family brought us to Campo de Bocci in Pleasanton, a place to eat Italian cuisine and play bocci. It was a great idea because the kids enjoyed trying to beat the grown ups and the grown ups enjoyed winning. Bonus of drinks and dessert on the side.

Isn’t traveling a great way to discover new things?

Love, Mommy