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Review: TED App


I was caught driving in traffic this afternoon. I was starting to get stressed and upset at how my time was being wasted (traffic is one of my biggest pet peeves). After a while, I started thinking of how I can better cope, since I’m bound to get caught driving in Manila traffic again (and again).

I played some music from my phone, but after a while I was starting to play the same songs over and over. I remembered a favorite song that I would play to soothe me – a song that I first heard through TED Talks. I’m a huge fan of TED Talks, and through it I discovered John Legend‘s poignant rendition of the song “True Colors.

Using the TED app, I had previously downloaded the song into my phone. I played it, and I started feeling better. But when the song ended, and I was still stuck in traffic. I realized that I has also downloaded Sir Ken Robinson‘s TED talk entitled “Bring On the Learning Revolution!” I listened to it, and I forgot about how my time was being wasted and I was happily getting a dose of inspiration!

Thanks to the vastly enriching TED app that’s free and allows me to play and to download audio and video into my mobile phone, I have found a way to be entertained and inspired when on the road 🙂