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Why I Love Dictionary.com

Dictionary-comIn honor of Dictionary.com‘s 20th anniversary, I am writing about why I love the website and use its mobile app daily.

1) I check Dictionary.com’s Word of the Day everyday, learn its meaning and origin, and write a haiku incorporating that word (I publish my daily haiku on Twitter).

2) Since I was a child, I’ve loved dictionaries and I’ve used them to learn about new words. Until now, I always want to know what new words mean. The Dictionary.com app makes it so much easier for me to find the meanings, pronunciation guides and origins of words.

3) Dictionary.com’s blog posts and slideshows include fun trivia for logophiles like myself. Perfect for word nerds!

4) Dictionary.com also makes available an online thesaurus, Thesaurus.com. A thesaurus is another book I’ve loved and kept handy since I fell in love with writing when I was about 9 or 10 years old.

5) Dictionary.com (and Thesaurus.com) is free (if you don’t mind ads)! A premium, ad-free version is available, of course.

6) Last but not least, Dictionary.com’s Twitter account is responsive. I’ve been tweeting my haiku with their Word of the Day for years, and I have been noticed, acknowledged and followed.  To whomever is managing the Dictionary.com Twitter account, thank you so much! Favorites, retweets, and especially messages from you make my day!

To Dictionary.com, congratulations on your 20th anniversary!  Here’s to 20 times 20 more years of sharing the knowledge, the power and the love of words with fellow word nerds!