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A Little Meditation Everyday Goes a Long Way

Yesterday, I finally finished the 30-day meditation challenge with Faith Hunter on DoYouYoga.com. Doing the final meditation was bittersweet. I felt good knowing that I was able to finish the challenge, but I also felt sad that it was going to end.

Doing this 30-day meditation challenge was my very first time to meditate, and I an so glad I did it! Meditation has taught me some new lessons and reminded me of some forgotten ones.

1. Giving yourself moments of quiet and stillness everyday teaches you to get out of your head. 

Many times, I am focused on my lists of things to do for the children, for the household, for my writing, etc. When this happens, my bigger picture, my true goals and values are pushed aside. And when this happens, little mistakes, delays or inconveniences seem worse than they are and make things more stressful than they should be.

When I do my daily 8- to 10-minute meditation, I forget about all these lists, tasks, mistakes, delays and inconveniences. I am grateful to be alive and healthy, to be here in the safety and comfort of my home, to have this opportunity to enjoy peace by myself. I remember the things that I have that are most important to me: love, peace, family, friends, joy, health.  I am refreshed. And sometimes, I don’t think about anything specific.  In one meditation, Faith asked me to visualize floating amidst clouds. It was a very powerful image, and in my mind, I was floating, light and free.

2. Hearing a gentle voice of affirmation everyday is a gift of kindness and compassion. 

Faith Hunter’s voice is so soothing and gentle. Hearing her speak words of affirmation is like receiving words of kindness. Even though I was listening to her voice on a YouTube video, I felt her sincerity. I felt that she truly wanted every person watching her meditation videos to become calm and relaxed, to receive kindness and healing, to feel love and compassion.

If videos on the Internet can have this power, imagine the power of speaking and hearing kind words everyday. Imagine the difference we can make if we speak words of affirmation and compassion everyday to ourselves, our family members and friends, neighbors and strangers.

3. Words and images are powerful if we empower them.

In some of her meditation lessons, Faith Hunter talks about how to use visualization and words to affect our minds and our bodies. While focused on certain mental pictures or words repeatedly said, I was able to feel more calm, more motivated, more secure in my beliefs and goals.  I know that if I repeatedly see these beautiful mental images and say these inspiring words, I am bringing myself to a positive space where I am happy, blessed and empowered to be a good force in the world.

Until another free meditation challenge comes along, I will be going back to  Faith Hunter’s lessons. My first attempt at meditation has helped me regularly find peace, stillness and kindness in my days.  As often as I can, I will give myself some moments of meditation to nourish and sustain me, to refresh and rejuvenate my mind, my body and my soul.

If you haven’t tried meditation, maybe now is your time.

Yoga and Meditation Challenges at Home

wc yoga shootAfter all the recent Christmas season indulgences (eating, lazing around, skipping exercise, etc.), I’m happy to be doing yoga at home again. And since our household schedules and routines have gone back to normal, I’m more able to stick to my commitment of practicing yoga 3-4 times a week. Yay!

I’m so glad I discovered (thanks to a friend’s referral) DoYouYoga.com’s free 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz last year.  That was my first attempt at doing yoga at home, and I loved it!  I finished the challenge, but not within 30 days.  More like 90 days probably.  But for me, that’s ok. I enjoyed the easy, friendly and forgiving approach of Erin Motz.  I appreciated that the video course was completely free. I found that the short length of her videos, about 12-18 minutes each, made it much easier to squeeze in a short-and-sweet yoga practice at home even on busy days. In short, this yoga challenge made me appreciate and enjoy practicing yoga at home.

This year, DoYouYoga.com is offering a new challenge that piqued my interest, so I signed up. The 30-Day Meditation Challenge with Faith Hunter starts this coming February 1. I have never meditated, and after watching these videos by Faith Hunter, I was convinced that this meditation challenge might be a good way to help me achieve better life balance and clearer focus in setting and pursuing my goals.

Till this new meditation challenge starts on Feb 1, I am happy to repeat some of my favorite sessions from the 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Erin Motz.  And as Erin Motz would always say, I’ve been doing good and feeling good. 🙂


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