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InkTober Day 21: Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest drawing


My InkTober drawing for day 21 is the Kelp Forest exhibit in Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California. It’s one of the best spots in the aquarium to just sit back and relax while gazing at a huge aquarium filled with kelps, fishes and other lovely sea creatures.

Last October 20, Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrated its 30th anniversary. I hope that they will continue their marine conservation and education programs for many, many more years to come.

This drawing was made with Akashiya Fude SAI Japanese Traditional Colors brush pens.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Monterey Bay Aquarium!

Yesterday, 20 October 2014, Monterey Bay Aquarium celebrated its 30th Anniversary.

My family and I are fortunate to have had the chance to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium twice, the first time in June 2011 and the second time in March of this year.  This year’s visit was extra special since my son celebrated his 9th birthday in Monterey Bay Aquarium.

It was unfortunate that my son’s birthday this year fell on a Monday, and their shark tours are conducted on Wednesdays and Saturdays. (My son loves sharks! One day, we will do that shark tour!)  Still, I was hoping that my son would have a little treat since it was his birthday. When I informed the nice ladies at the front desk of this, they gave him a Happy Birthday button to wear. He wrote his name on it and wore it on his jacket the whole day.  And thanks to this button, every aquarium staff he encountered that day greeted him a Happy Birthday!  (Thanks for that, Monterey Bay Aquarium!)

There were many things we enjoyed in this world-class aquarium. We loved the walk-through tunnel in the wave crash exhibit!  My kids kept wanting to waiting for the wave to “crash” above their heads. In the Rocky Shore exhibit, it was fascinating and a bit frightening to be so close and almost touch the rays. And in our recent visit, we got to see an egg case in the tide pools, and we saw the shark embryo moving inside! Since my son loves sharks, we watched a short presentation in the auditorium called Project White Shark where we were entertained as we learned about white sharks and about the aquarium’s shark conservation efforts.

One of my favorite moments from our recent trip was at the Kelp Forest exhibit.  We watched one of the afternoon feeding sessions and were treated to a surprise appearance by a very friendly, attention-loving wolf eel. As the diver was feeding the many fishes in the aquarium and talking to the audience, the wolf-eel just swam up close to him and happily posed for our eager cameras.

Of course, no trip to Monterey Bay Aquarium would be complete without seeing the breathtaking view of the bay from the amphitheater. With clear blue skies on a cool spring afternoon, it was a perfect way to end our day. And that view of Monterey Bay remains to be one of my all-time favorites.

I’m really hoping that the next time my family goes back to Monterey Bay Aquarium, we can do the shark tour and maybe the sleepover too.  And I would love to see a whale or two swimming in the bay!

Happy 30th Anniversary, Monterey Bay Aquarium!  Thank you for all that you do to help save our oceans and seas, and thank you for giving people like us a chance to come close to their beauty and majesty.


Postcard #8: Birthday in Monterey Bay


Dear Matty,
Today, we spent R’s birthday in Monterey Bay Aquarium. R was given a birthday button to wear, so when aquarium staff saw him they greeted him. Quite sweet 🙂

There weren’t any great white sharks on exhibit. Luckily, we caught a video presentation on the aquarium’s Project White Shark. And at least R saw some leopard sharks and sevengill sharks on exhibit.

R was also fascinated with the Giant Pacific octopus on exhibit and the Wave Crash gallery (like being underwater when a wave crashes!).

My favorite moment was the animal feeding in the kelp forest exhibit. A wolf eel was unusually snuggling close to Mike the Diver, maybe because it was grateful for the food. Too cute!

As I had expected, I was still blown away by the beauty of Monterey Bay. Nature at its finest and purest.

Love, Mommy