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Going to a Pet Adoption Event

DogsIf you are thinking about getting a new pet dog or cat, or if you want to volunteer with a Manila-based animal welfare group, do consider going to the pet adoption event this Saturday, June 7, 3-8pm in Greenbelt 5, Makati City organized by Caring and Responsibility for Animals (CARA) Welfare Philippines.

My family has been to pet adoption events organized by CARA Welfare Philippines. The first time we went was in 2013 when we brought our dog Vina along. She was a CARA rescue whom we found on their website, met in her foster’s house, and eventually adopted into our family. She was also (literally) CARA’s poster dog back then, so we figured it would be nice if she was at the adoption event. I guess I wanted Vina’s presence at the adoption event to symbolize a success story that people can see right there, a testament to the rewarding experience of adopting a rescue.

Vina was happy to socialize with her human friends from CARA, other rescued dogs that were up for adoption, and the mall goers who were curious about the adoptable pets.

Some of the adoptable pets were readily sociable. I remember a dog who loved being walked by almost anyone who offered, perhaps hoping to be finally adopted into that person’s home. Others who weren’t comfortable being in a strange place and being surrounded by strangers were shy and stayed close to their handlers.

Because of logistics, CARA normally has more cats than dogs during these adoption events. (I’ve asked them about this before.) Cats can be put in crates, even more than one per crate, so they don’t take up too much space. It’s harder to transport dogs because you can’t have more than one dog per crate/carrier. And at the event, the dogs are not in crates. Each dog has a handler. The dogs are on leashes, sitting or walking around, sniffing about or socializing. The adoptable dogs need more space, so there can’t be too many dogs in these mall-based events.

During these adoption events, CARA has a desk for those who want to inquire about volunteering. Sometimes, there would be t-shirts, bookmarks or other merchandise for sale as part of their fund raising efforts.

At a pet adoption event, you may be happy just to see some really cute dogs and cats. You could learn more about the work that animal welfare groups do. You might make a donation and bring home a cool shirt. Or you could end up meeting the next love of your life and the next addition to your family. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.