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Minecraft Homeschool Summer Camp is Here!

Yay! Today is the first day of Minecraft Homeschool Summer Camp!

A few days ago, my son and I did the preliminary work of registering in the new Moodle Learning Management System and completing the orientation lesson (which was a breeze for my son who has finished two classes with Minecraft Homeschool before this summer camp).

Grand Canyon for Kids articleToday, he was excited to start building and I was excited to see what the lesson would be about. Usually, I’d sit with him at the beginning of the week’s lesson so we could go through the assigned reading or videos together before he gets to the individual and team builds. Today, we read about the Grand Canyon 🙂 Admittedly, I’m usually the one more excited about the reading and video materials because I also learn a lot from them!  He was quite relieved that today’s articles were fairly short and easy on the eyes because of the nice layout with photos and illustrations.

After about 30 minutes of reading, it was time for my son to get into the team map and build his house in the Grand Canyon.  When I saw the Minecraft version of the Grand Canyon, I was amazed! The creativity, skill, patience and perseverance that it must have taken to build it were astounding! Kudos to Miss Jody and the Minecraft Homeschool team!

MCHS Summer CampPerhaps more so because I’m not a Minecraft player, I am always blown away by the things people build in Minecraft.  It’s awesome that you can be eight or eighty years old and be able to build such unique structures, contraptions, worlds and stories in Minecraft. And more awesome that you can build and play with other people from anywhere in the world.

After looking at some of the houses that a few of his team mates had already built, my son was ready to make his Grand Canyon dwelling.  (After a few minutes of him starting his build, I usually give him space so he’s more relaxed and able to just enjoy.) Soon, he called me to show me his home, built with clay stones to match the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon.  Done in about ten to fifteen minutes.  Wow. So cool.

So far, so good with Minecraft Homeschool Summer Camp! Looking forward to the coming weeks!