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At the Bittersweet End of a Good Book

ReadingAfter many afternoons reading while waiting at my daughter’s football training, after many nights of bedside reading, after five thoroughly enjoyable books, I have come to the end of the Legend of Eli Monpress series.  This moment of finally reaching the exciting end of an epic adventure is always bittersweet.

I agree with ginnyinboston when she wrote, “I hate when a good book ends. It feels like saying goodbye.”

When I read an epic story such as that of Eli Monpress (written across a span of five books by author Rachel Aaron), it gives me so much joy to momentarily escape into that world. When the characters are well-developed and their circumstances and conflicts are relatable, I get so emotionally invested in them. I laugh at their humor. I root for them in battle. I feel their heartaches. I enjoy their escapades.

(Warning: Eli Monpress spoiler next!)

Sadly, all stories come to an end. I’m glad my friend introduced me to this series when all of the five books had already been published. With no need to wait, I devoured book after book, eagerly following the story. And this is why, after many reading hours spread across months of escaping into the fantasy world and the legend of Eli Monpress, I am both happy and sad. Happy that Eli and his best friends / partners in crime Josef and Nico have finally found some peace and normalcy. Happy that Miranda has found a way to be faithful to her calling and harmoniously co-exist with Eli. Sad that the legend has come to an end. Sad that there aren’t any more fun (mis)adventures to read.

Thanks to my husband who introduced me to the fantasy/science-fiction genre, to some friends who are also fans of the same genre, and to goodreads, I have more fun reads lined up.  And I am not waiting empty-handed 🙂

photo by: pedrosimoes7