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Friendship and Sisterhood in USA Girl Scouts Overseas – Manila

Last weekend, I attended this year’s Court of Awards for USA Girl Scouts Overseas – Manila. My daughter has been with them for two years, and is currently a Senior Girl Scout.

The Court of Awards is their culminating activity at the end of the school year. There is the bridging ceremony, where the Girl Scouts who are moving up in level are recognized by walking across a “bridge” on stage, a gesture to symbolize their promotion. Special awards are given to individuals and troops who have put in extra time and effort in community service projects.

It was, however, the palpable spirit of sisterhood and friendship that made a big impact on me as a Girl Scout parent and as a member of the audience at the Court of Awards. I was touched when I saw the joyful camaraderie of the girls as shown in the video presentations of their activities such as camp, walk-a-thon and community service projects. I was inspired when I heard the troop leaders talk about how much they appreciate the girls and one another.

I hope that all of these Girl Scouts, including my daughter, continue to enjoy great friendships as they help one another grow to become women of honor and service.