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World Suicide Prevention Day and Saving Lives

Candle2WSPDThis year’s World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10) is coming to a close. I have cycled in support of Cycle Around the World, in solidarity with many others who are showing support for the cause of suicide prevention. I have my candles lit, in memory of a dear friend and of a relative who died of suicide. Keeping busy today has somehow kept me from grieving personally, allowing me to save it for a quieter day.

This day is about being connected with one another in our grief and loss. It is a day to reach out to victims and survivors of suicide, so we can remind one another that we are not alone and that we can get through this.

It is about finding ways to stay connected with those who are struggling with depression, addiction or other illnesses. Today, we remember to really listen and pay attention to the people around us. We are called to educate ourselves on the warning signs of suicide and what we can do to help prevent suicide.

I rediscovered this song today, “How to Save a Life” by The Fray. For me, this day is about saving lives. We save ourselves from drowning in sorrow or guilt by opening up to and supporting one another. By educating ourselves about suicide prevention, we may end up saving a life from suicide.