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What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

I am not an artist (stick drawings, perhaps), but I love markers and pens!  And ever since I discovered Kuretake ZIG markers in Singapore (in Art Friend, my favorite art and craft store in Singapore), I fell in love with them.

At the beginning of March, I learned about Kuretake ZIG USA’s Draw Kuretake Challenge.


I wasn’t even sure if I was eligible to win since I don’t live in the US. And having seen some of the drawings already submitted (by true artists!), I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance to win. But after enjoying the InkTober drawing challenge last October, I figured, why not? Trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone has been working well for me lately.

Here I am, in the middle of the March Draw Kuretake challenge. A few days ago, I decided to draw while waiting for my kids at their football training. I read the prompt for March 10 and it said, “What’s in your Treasure Chest?” Wow, after drawing an alien planet, a footballer drawf and a grumpy cat, I was stumped. There I was, sitting in my folding chair, notebook and pens in hand, seriously contemplating. If I did have a treasure chest, what would I put in it? What do I hold dearest to me?

I thought about it. I made a short list. After some minutes, I started to draw. And I came up with these treasures: photographs, my passport, a pen and a notebook, my iPhone and my wedding and engagement rings.

What's in my Treasure Chest? DrawKuretake


I’m happy to join this drawing challenge because it’s fun and it makes me use my beloved pens and markers as often as possible. With this particular drawing challenge, I am extraordinarily thankful for the opportunity to reflect and remember what are my greatest treasures – moments and memories of family, friends and travels; stories, letters and notes; keeping in touch; and my marriage and family.

Now, maybe I’ll ask my family what are in their treasure chests.